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Re: Gulf Oil Spill Reaches Land

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  • Sun, Jun 20, 2010 - 06:27pm

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    Re: Gulf Oil Spill Reaches Land

Are Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) spewing from the Deepwater Horizon oil leak?

There has been some scientific evidence that toxic NORM (and here) may be an integral part of oil mining.  And there is evidence that Uranium and Thorium are known to be in great quantities at greater depths and the Deepwater Horizon was drilling in the deepest offshore reserve to date. 

“The energy coming from uranium and thorium decay is thought to be the most significant energy source inside the earth,” Tolich said. “So this is the driving engine for things such as tectonic plate movements, volcanoes and earthquake. We are looking for neutrinos, particularly electron antineutrinos … coming from uranium and thorium decay inside the earth. The uranium and thorium is distributed all through the earth in the mantle. One part in 10 million of the earth’s mass is thought to be made of uranium and thorium.”

Less than scientific sources have reported that elevated radioactivity is present in the gulf but this has not been confirmed as far as I know.  Would this explain why huge amounts of toxic Corexit has been used and why the area seems to off-limits to journalists?

I’m not suggesting that this is taking place but I do think it is worth some consideration. Radioactivity at another oil field: