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Re: Gulf Oil Spill Reaches Land

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  • Tue, Jun 01, 2010 - 12:47pm

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    Re: Gulf Oil Spill Reaches Land

Thank you, Erik, and to the posters on this board for the understanding.  I guess talking about the situation and “venting” as to the causes has helped clarify a lot of things.  The more I hear, the more I realize that this tragedy was a series of human errors and missed opportunities.  I do not have all the answers but I still have a lot of pertinent questions.  That’s normal.

My goal from the beginning was to be respectful to this body of enlightened searchers. Most assuredly I have received reciprocal respect.

Transocean opened a facebook page in tribute to the fallen. I thought it was very moving.  Two of the lost workers were employed by my company.  They were Gordon Jones and Blair Manuel both drilling fluid engineers.  They were often referred to in the vernacular as “mud engineers”.  I have been friends with Blair and his close knit family for over 30 years.  I am not looking for sympathy but resolution so this does not happen again.  I believe the families feel the same way.

Thanks to all, again.