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  • Sun, May 30, 2010 - 04:10am

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    Re: Gulf Oil Spill Reaches Land


BP and all the other oil corps, indeed all transnational corps, are global psychopathic criminals. One day, I hope soon, they will be brought to justice for this. Corporations are inherently selfish, pathological entities whose sole purpose is profit AT ALL COST. The Earth, its human and non-human inhabitants, none of us – none of this – factors into the corpporate bottom line. When they’re done plundering the planet, they’ll just leave the uninhabitable mess to us unlucky billions, build themselves ships with the remaining raw materials, and take off in search of new Wild Wests. You may think this is science fiction. Not so long ago, so were flying machines and self-propelled horse carriages. It will take a social revolution of epic proportions to stop this trend.


It seems to me that the BP blowout is just another example of human failings rather than criminality. As an example of how this works, consider the drug cartels and the carnage in Mexico. Average American Joe probably doesn’t think much of the consequences of buying a little weed, but multiply this seemingly harmless appetite by millions and you get the drug cartels as suppliers of the market. Our oil addiction is similar. Mom and pop operations are not capable of supplying our demand for oil. It takes big money and big organizations to deliver our oil fix. Most of the employees of corporations are solid citizens just trying to do a job. Sometimes they aren’t quite up to the task. There is no need to invoke criminal intent where simple incompetence can explain things. Most likely the top management at BP has no engineering expertise. All they see is rig time costing them a million per day and they apply pressure to cut corners. They failed to repair an ailing blowout preventer, failed to check the quality of the cement bond and seal and imprudently removed the heavy mud from the production casing. Pressure from top management probably created the conditions for a disaster but a lot of people below had to also exercise poor judgement along the way.

It seems to me that the well blowout disaster and the economic meltdown have some similar causes. The people at the top of big corporations and banks often make obscene amounts of money without possessing any real knowledge of the base operations of their businesses. But who puts them in such powerful positions? Boards of directors focused on short term markets. The problem is not with the existence of big corporations or big banks. Big and complex are necessary features of many businesses. The problems lie with the management structures.