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Re: Gold’s near future

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  • Wed, Apr 01, 2009 - 03:08am

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    Re: Gold’s near future

strabes said

By the way, if you have any plans to store some cash/gold overseas, I
hope you’ve done the legwork already.  This G20 meeting is going to
focus on many things including cracking down on tax evasion and money
laundering.  There is a chance the US will prevent future transfers
out-of-country after this meeting…it will be wrapped in political
language about how people who want to invest overseas are not acting in
the best interest of their country.  If it doesn’t happen immediately,
I suspect it will happen this year.

Thanks – this has worried me.  If you already have some allocated gold over-seas, I think you should seriously consider holding it.  One good thing about most foreign precious metal depositories is that you may sell into a laundry list of currencies.  You may hold your specified currency in your depository account – almost like having a secondary Forex account.