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Re: Gold bubble?

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  • Mon, Feb 23, 2009 - 08:10am

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    Re: Gold bubble?

question 1 – the fact that it can’t be abused by government like the debt money we have now because it has a finite supply, or at least a very limited slow growth supply -except for the fact that our government creates no money.

question 2 –  yes, because of the confidence in it (though there have been better systems and some people are saying we should avoid a gold system today since it would still be controlled by the Rothschilds – I’m all for a gold standard if you can answer these three questions.

Where are we going to get the gold?

How much gold are we going to need for it to be a medium of exchange.

How are you going to put it into circulation?

question 3 – same thing…the value is driven by the confidence…the confidence is driven by the value I personally believe that it doesn’t matter what our money is made out of but what it does.

question 4 – gold is constant.  the supply of housing is manipulatable, the quality of housing is variable, etc. If the supply of gold is constant, how would we get enough gold to follow an increase in population?