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  • Sat, Apr 11, 2009 - 01:11am

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    Re: Global warming presentation:


I’m not really a skeptic. As a person with a degree in Meteorology, my skepticism is towards those who are pushing the agenda. There are signs that the globe is warming – but the factors involved are absolutely not limited to human interference.

Marcus Aurelius said "Of each particular thing asked, what is it in itself?"

The earth is an organism sustaining parasitic flora and fauna. No different than the digestive bacteria in our stomachs.

Knowing some very rudimentary things about the human body, one can say when the bacteria become invasive or destructive, the body heats rapidly and the bacteria find themselves in a situation where survival is difficult.

If we are to approach Global Warming and blame it on humans, we have to be prepared to realize and accept that we’re not simply miricles upon God’s creation, but symbiotic beings upon it. That said, the human body becomes ill for a number of reasons, and increased temperature is not wholly indicitive of infection. So, there are other things to consider in both cases.

I hope my reasoning makes sense here… I see a lot of ambigious information regarding global warming – but I whole-heartedly subscribe to the ideal of living without creating a massive impact on our biosphere.