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  • Sat, Aug 08, 2009 - 11:16pm

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    Re: freeze dried food


 do the #10 cans the freeze dried stuff comes in count as metal storage?  I assume they don’t need anymore protection.


Hey strabes –

The #10s should do it but if you want peace of mind you could always repackage in mylar bags.  Put an O2 absorber in the bottom, a dessicant pack in the middle and another O2 absorber at the top.  Squeeze as much air out as possible and then heat seal the bag shut with an iron.  Seal the edges as close to the top as possible to facilitate resealing if you need to open the bag but aren’t going to use it all right away.

This was discussed at length at Lowesville – Chris and Becca did it this way with their neighbors and it’s what we did with our group of 12 families here in Va.  I have more details on weights and measures for each type of grain or bean too.  Pretty sure that was posted earlier – I will try to dig up the link to the thread.

This obviously is more planning than freeze dried, but we look at it as an insurance policy.  Once it’s done, it’s on the shelf and done and you have peace of mind for 10-15 years.

Everything can go into a 5 gallon food grade plastic bucket – get HDPE not LDPE.  The interstitial spaces in the molecular structure of LDPE will allow air and other gases to get into the bucket.  Not a big deal if you have a good seal on the mylar bag inside.

You can order food grade buckets, lids and gamma seal lids from:

Lots of good resource info here: