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Re: Foreshadowing

  • Fri, May 07, 2010 - 12:08am

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    Re: Foreshadowing


I’ll bet leveraged longs who got sold out by their brokers at the intraday lows don’t get their money or their positions back.

That’s a real-money example of ‘it is what it is.’ Cry


MH –

Going through T&S charts right now starting at 2:30, and so far nothing big.   A couple hundred shares here and there up through 2:50:08 – all right around $71.

I’ll follow up if I can find anything that stands out. 

Interesting to note that at MMM low of $68, the Puts I have only went to $6.60.  No options traded or I would have seen at least a $15 premium on the contracts.  They closed at $5.95.  I’m thinking this happened so fast (signature response to a program sell error) nobody had any time to do anything – right or wrong.  Unless of course someone was foolish enough to have a market order sell somewhere down in the mid 70s.

This will be interesting to fully dissect though.