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  • Tue, Feb 02, 2010 - 11:05am

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    Re: For or Against Usury

[quote=Thomas Hedin]

The belief that we have a free market is as about as rediculous as saying that its our money.  I do understand we’ve all been told these enourmous lies, but the simple truth is the banking system owns and controls either directly or indirectly the markets, prices, and availablty of all goods and services because they own and control 100% of the money in circulation, and at any given point in time can dry up the money supply and completely shut the system down, and in the process transfer all of the real wealth over to a few private hands.




HAHAA Yeah Free markets, what a joke.  Our Free Markets is a mirror image to The Propaganda of Freedom that we have.  We have Privileges not Rights, cause when the government wants to they can take your privileges away.