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  • Tue, Apr 28, 2009 - 10:43pm

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    Re: Flu Scare as Dry Run for SHTF?


Swine flu is a man made virus?

Russia Today – Investigative journalist from Washington Wayne Madsen says the outbreak of the swine flu virus is raising suspicions. The sources quoted by him say it could be manmade.



Sounds like highly debatable claims, to me. While it is certainly possible the virus could be manmade, it is at least equally as likely that the virus could have developed naturally, as the exchange of genomic material between viruses is well established. Further, one does not acquire an influenza virus by eating the meat of infected animals, but by inoculation from the respiratory secretions of infected animals, or humans.

That said, and in reply to earlier comments above to which I have already replied, we have the following article; although I think the intent of the complaint is related to marketing by pork producers, not an intention to be scientifically pure: