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Re: Flu Scare as Dry Run for SHTF?

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  • Tue, Apr 28, 2009 - 08:15pm

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    Re: Flu Scare as Dry Run for SHTF?

Thanks in large part to the information on this website, my family is much better prepared for various unpleasant scenarios than we were when I became a member back in January. Are we completely ready? Probably not. But we could manage a couple of months in which contact with the outside world was restricted (we live on a ranch about ten miles away from town). Water is no problem, either for drinking or for watering our vegetable garden. We stocked up on food and basic essentials, concentrating on items with long shelf lives, and yes, we stocked up on ammunition (hey, we’re Texans!). We have a standby 7.5 KW diesel generator and an 8 KW gasoline generator and we have fuel for both. We would only be able to run them now and then, though. We have a longer term plan for providing electricity, but that belongs on a different thread.

The main thing that concerns me is availability of prescription medications. Our health insurance plan limits us to a 30 day supply and it gets down to a two or three day supply before we can re-order. I’m considering ordering generic "knockoff" drugs from an Indian pharmaceutical company. There are a number of these companies and they generally have a reputation for reliability and quality production. There are ethical issues involved here, such as the fairness of purchasing generic copies of patent protected drugs. Against that I must weigh the risk of having to do without. Being of what the French delightfully call "La Troisiemme Age", my wife and I depend on our medications. I’m wrestling with this.

Do I trust the Indian drug manufacturers? Yes, I do. I’ve read enough about them to feel pretty good about their quality control processes. Furthermore, I would seek them out through a reputable Internet pharmacy, not one of those spam outfits that bombard our inboxes daily. To my knowledge, this particular issue has not been given a lot of attention in the various threads, so I raise it here.

If it’s all the same to the rest of you, I would rather not see TSHTF just yet, if you please. Sometimes I feel that we have members in this community who just cackle with glee at the very thought of a Mad Max scenario unfolding. I’m reminded that real people — including people we care about very much — will be hurt, or worse. Let us continue to hope for a somewhat better outcome, please. By all means, prepare. But there is no harm in hoping that we might somehow dodge the bullet.

As for the swine flu outbreak, I’m pretty relaxed about it. Yes, it could turn out to be a pandemic. Or it might fade away. We can’t know the future. We can only prepare as best we can, and it appears that most of us are doing that. Best wishes and good luck to all.