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Re: Flu Scare as Dry Run for SHTF?

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  • Fri, May 01, 2009 - 07:51pm

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    Re: Flu Scare as Dry Run for SHTF?


Let me just clear up one conspiracy theory that has raised it’s head in this thread a time or two. It goes something to the effect that this COULD be a man-made virus because of it’s weird composition of genetic material–swine, chicken and human.

But this is fully to be expected in an intra species virus.<edit>

This kind of intra species infection is, in fact, very common. Look at rabies.



Totally with you JD.

Hence the big chuckle, most likely candidate for the subject Zero of this is a pig on a poultrey farm, that had Swine Flu, got Avian from the Poultrey, then the Farmer gave it  flu (or in any other order), with viral replication, then it’s statistically likely that the strain is a recombinant variation on all three. Since a cell is invaded by the virus, and the virii aren’t picky about invading an already invaded cell, nor replace all or part of another viruses genetic signature. So you get a combinate of Swine and Influenza, or Swine and Avian, or Influenza and Avian (there’s a nasty thought, but could explain the higher fatality rate in Mexico), then they themselves combine, and you have the current strain. The others might not have been viable, or have much lower (or no) communicability to humans

Note below is just my mental meandering, and most likely is not in anyway connected to the current flu, just thinking out loud (which might not be a good idea).

Getting back to that Flu/Avian mutation, it’s an interesting hypothesis… if it’s viable and it’s transmissibility is not that high (and communicates better with a weakened immune system). We in the rest of the world got the Swine/Avian/Regular mix since it has a higher transmissibility, then Mexicans had both types. We just haven’t been looking for it yet.