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  • Fri, Jul 19, 2019 - 05:35am


    Chris Martenson

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    Re: Financial Adviser in London, UK


we don’t ourselves…hopefully some others here do.

What we love about the folks at New Harbor Financial is that they will do the following for you:

  • Completely review your situation, goals and holdings (usual and customary)
  • Arrange a strategy that’s in your best interests (even and especially if that means they have less to manage.  E.g. insisting that everyone hold a core position of insurance gold in physical form at some other safe location, or making investments in your homestead, etc.)  Sadly, this is often an unusual move.
  • Be able to listen to and respond to any concerns you have.  Counterparty risk, bail-ins, currency depreciation, Brexit…any and every concern should be thoughtfully met, not dismissed or belittled (as many conflicted or even ignorant traditional financial sorts are wont to do)
  • Have a clear plan for each part of the investment cycle; behaving and investing differently at tops and bottoms.  Many fin advisers have a single portfolio setting for all moments in time.  E.g. 60/40
  • Manage risk very, very carefully and proactively.  E.g. one could be 100% long equities right now.  Or one could be 100% long and hedged via options to limit the downside to an agreed upon level of maximum loss.  Or also be limiting the upside gains via selling covered calls to generate income.  Or some combination.

As you search for a good adviser to help, these are a few of the things I’d be looking for.