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  • Sat, Oct 16, 2010 - 09:13pm

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    Re: Ellen Brown (“Web od Debt”) smackdown on

Give me a break!  So a state run, debt free fiat money system ROBS the masses, while a gold backed currency benefits the masses???  WRONG!  If the fiat system is run properly, without debt, it’s flawlessly FOR THE PEOPLE!  Seriously!  As stated many times, it’s who controls the AMOUNT of money printed!  It’s not that difficult to understand!

The Gold was confiscated for many reasons,  and yes one of them was to take away a form of checks and balances.  But that’s not the only reason, as you well know.

Anyway, it’s moot point really.  This whole argument is becoming exactly what TPTB WANT IT TO BE!!!!!  Again:  Divide and Conquer!  F in’ people need to wake up to their game!

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If you want to really free the people from banker/politician tyranny:

  Remove legal tender laws and the punitive tax on gold.  

  Ever wonder why the government went to great lengths to remove gold coins from circulating as money?  Confiscating them under Trading With the Enemy Act.    Surely you do not believe it was to serve the best interest of the people.     Federal Reserve notes and bank notes were redeemable in gold coins and they all circulated as money before.   By removing gold coins from circulating,  banks no longer have to worry about having enough gold to back their notes,  but this also goes for Federal Reserve notes.   Its carte blanche from here on out.

  But to who’s benefit, the people?

 The greenbackers and all those emperor wannabes are not interested in giving the power to choose to the people because they want to make it themselves. (They know whats best for all of course)   And they think if they keep you focused solely on the banking fraud going on,  you might not notice this.  Like when the Federal Reserve Act was pushed by politicians as “banking reform”    But  tyrants are tyrants wether they be banker or politician.  Liberty is the true reform.