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  • Sat, Oct 16, 2010 - 12:07am

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    Re: Ellen Brown (“Web od Debt”) smackdown on

[quote=Thomas Hedin]


There is an old saying that lawyers use.

When you have a strong case argue the facts and if you have a weak case vilinize your opponent.

I think you’ll notice that everyone who wants to argue against debt free money cannot argue the facts because they simply will lose their case every time. 



In 34 comments on this thread only Larry’s 1st comment even addressed any of the points from Mr North’s original article.  Unfortunately the original article had point #1 “Governments should get out of debt by printing paper money” hyperlinked to his article about historical error #31) about Shays’ Rebellion which explained some of his confusion.  Larry then went on to show what a strong case he could make by “vilifying” Mises.

If you truly believe your own quote, why do you think no one is addressing the 21 economic and 31 historical errors that Mr North brings up about Ms Browns book?