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  • Thu, Jan 06, 2011 - 05:33pm

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    Re: Dollar headed for big downturn?


Even though it almost killed me I read all of this.  It is easy to give up and just plan for impending disaster.  Sometimes I find myself doing that also.  I have been stockpiling food and certain supplies in my basement for a while.  However, politicians control the entire situation.  If they make bad decisions then we really are doomed.  The only hope I see out there is the tea party types.  I have never been to a tea party.  I probably will never go to one.  But I have read a lot about the tea party people and the ideals they are promoting and it looks to me like they are the only hope.  Got to have hope.  If you lose hope you lose everything.  I do not see how bigger more intrusive government combined with the higher taxes required to support that helps anything.  To me that leads to doom.  Cut the government, let people have more of the money they earn.  Let the people decide how to spend it.  A persons house will not be foreclosed if they have the money to pay the mortgage payments with.

I am not sure what is going to happen to USD.  Same with EUR.  For a while now it has been up down up down up down.  Every time USD starts to tank some craziness breaks out somewhere else (typically europe) and it goes up.  Then it goes down again.  Today was an up day due to the ADP report.


I highlighted the section of your post to illustrate a point.  The politicians don’t control squat – we do.

There just aren’t enough of us, pissed off enough to do anything about it.