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  • Tue, May 05, 2009 - 12:34pm

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    Re: do James Madison’s warnings about freedom matter to our …

I’ll chime in for what it is worth.

People seem to be dropping like flies here. I too am considering leaving the forums and using as a place to get great economic updates by way of Chris’ blog and Martenson reports, and leaving the constant arguing to others who have more time than me. It is not a decision that I come by easily, because CM has been a big part of my life for over a year now, and I have learned so much and gotten myself prepared in that time, thus the screen name change to Ready a month or 2 ago. I truly am Ready now for whatever SHTF.

As my way of giving back, I offer this: as long as the discussion does not become personal attack, there should be no issue. Debate is healthy, and the topics should not be limited within reason. I do believe that there should be a strong presence by the Mods and a dictum from Chris that the minute a personal attack enters a thread, it gets locked to further posting for 24 hours, and a note from the Mod saying play nice or I delete the thread completely. And then follow through. It seems unfortunate, but for some reason us adults seem OK typing some things and behaving in ways we would likely not if we were having dinner with Chris and his family. This is the test that Chris has asked us to put on our words, and adjust our behavior to match that expectation. I feel strongly that he deserves the right to demand this on HIS site.

I want this issue resolved too Strabes. I have to admit, I do not know exactly how it changes my life, but I am beginning to believe that the 911 attacks were more co-ordinated than simply 2 planes flying into buildings. I don’t know who to hold responsible, and even if I did, I don’t think it would have any effect over my day to day actions. The posting here is what made me aware that there is something more than meets the eye, and I appreciate the knowledge even if it is not my typical cup of tea. I REALLY want to know who killed JFK too, but sadly it would have no real impact except to satisfy my curiosity. So I guess that puts me in a 3rd camp of wanting to discuss everything with respect, and make my own decisions about each topic on it’s merits. I’m not ever going to believe in lizzard men, but too often that is what gets laid on folks who have legitimate thoughts and data, and it should stop post haste (unless you are really talking about lizzard men, then you get what you deserve! )

What I see happening here is difficult to watch. We are experiencing the exponential function on the readership here, and it seems to be acting like kindling for many of these disputes. As people dig in heels on both sides, voices get raised, and more enter the fray in support of their side. Seems to me the folks that want it shut down are doing themselves a dis-service by elevating the thread beyond what is ever possible without them in it.

Anyhow, I’m on the fence right now. Based on how this issue runs it’s course and what changes are or are not made, you may not see much of me in the future. I know I am not alone, and not everyone releases a press statement (c1oudfire) or asserts the direction of leaving in a thread, many folks are just disappearing off the list. It seems to be the more moderate folks, and I really miss them and their influence. Some of the folks I have learned the most from and identify the best with are just plain gone, and I know why. Shame.