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  • Tue, Feb 17, 2009 - 11:23pm

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    Re: Daily Dose

Kunstler may be a “REALIST,” but on the subject of Obama, he’s exceedingly UNREALISTIC. And the apparent ease with which he suspends all disbelief, here, has to call his judgement into question. Could it be, perhaps, an ingrained partisan bias is clouding his judgement?

In my view, Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Gethner, Summers, and almost the entire economic team are all Robert Rubin acolytes – the poster child for everything wrong with Wall Street. These guys were at the epicenter of the meltdown, and are now there for no other reason than to preserve the status quo.

If nothing else, Obama’s very first cabinet pick, Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel should have been a clue. – Multimillionaire investment banker, former Freddie Mac board member, leading Wall Street lobby recipient, leading AIPAC lobby recipient, Iraq war hawk, and militant on Iran. Along with the preservation of crony capialism, with the continuation of Robert Gates as Defense Secretary, I find no reason to think our trillion dollar foreign policy won’t continue, too.



PS: I understand your critics, but your contribution is tremendous. My sincere thanks, and please keep it up!