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  • Wed, Jun 03, 2009 - 09:06pm

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    Re: Crash Test Wham-O: GM (General Malaise) Hits the Wall


… you and I … we’re leaning against the bonnet of a ‘Sprint’ somewhere along the coastal road to Cairns, chugging back a VB ‘stubby’ sometime twenty years ago back-when … but the sun is setting … and we know what comes next … but we had a great day!!!

Coming along to and reading this thread, it’s as though some of the authors assume we still have another twenty years!!!


forward implementation will take years and years. How do I know? Well, I read this long and dry forecast that seems forgotten under the weight of all the media that came after it, plus the crass irresponsibility of this giant financial fiasco that was obvious to see from the outset in 1971 when the US looked back to 1970’s highest ever production figures and realized they’d drawn the maximum amount of oil out of their country and were in irriversible decline. Then, in 1995 when they became a ‘net’ importer and, Now, when imports are in excess of 60% and, a combined total of daily oil use of 60% is toward transport in the use of cars; trucks for your ‘Just In Time’ food supply and so on and so forth …

The Hirsch Report

Wikipedia had this to say of it :-

Three scenarios

  • Waiting until world oil production peaks before taking crash program action leaves the world with a significant liquid fuel deficit for more than two decades.
  • Initiating a mitigation crash program 10 years before world oil peaking helps considerably but still leaves a liquid fuels shortfall roughly a decade after the time that oil would have peaked.
  • Initiating a mitigation crash program 20 years before peaking appears to offer the possibility of avoiding a world liquid fuels shortfall for the forecast period.


 Scenario Number One Is Where We’re At …

I know there are a clever bunch of writers at this forum, but how many of you have read through this to first help evaluate your opinions?

… or what of another approach, where this is becoming a reality at the other end of the equation :-

OIL STORAGE IS RUNNING OUT,8599,1901446,00.html?xid=rss-topstories

*snippet* from 29th May 2009 (Thankyou horstfam)

" There is some risk we will run out of storage space in the next four to six weeks," says Simon Wardell, director of global oil at IHS Global Insight, an energy-forecasting company in London. "

 … One very good thesis I’ve read several times from ‘The Oil Drum’, written by Gail The Actuary, is well worth a read if you haven’t already. So much fact within it has had me going back to it again and again, proving how very prescient the article actually is :-


… So, where exactly is the GM car industry in amongst all of this?

Time for some quick re-tooling maybe?

… could Capitalism or what ever other ‘ism’ drawn on request here as a ‘nod-and-a-wink’ underlined Heading answer be so dead as to no-longer warrant Life Support?

… Questions Questions …

So what was my question I wanted others to focus on from post #13 above ??? Here, I’ll make it Bold so it doesn’t get missed by those that read the reports within this post and start to grasp an ever dawning reality :-

… but ‘what’ would be a good idea? I mean, eventually there has to come a time, probably out of the next from tenth highest level of fear, where an idea is put forward that’ll probably be the right one. Yet, with all that has come before, distrust will remain and we’ll most probably have a thread full of people casting it out as another poor choice? Surely some of the idea’s brought forward by Moore are excellent …

In my mind, the eventuality of either a government (however reduced in size) or a businessman (funding gained from God knows where) will come forward to fill the void where ‘need’ has come into play … and I don’t mean all previous results of paying people to dig holes up and another group fills up the same holes either … diminished resource needs a collective to prioritize the future …

… what is a ‘Good Plan’ ? I don’t have one, but surely the brains of this site could build a better one than the ‘None Plan’ that is doing its best to fall down around our ears …