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Re: Crash Test Wham-O: GM (General Malaise) Hits the Wall

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  • Tue, Jun 02, 2009 - 04:07pm

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    Re: Crash Test Wham-O: GM (General Malaise) Hits the Wall

Well, I would ask that everyone take a hard look at American culture. We are a country of the automobile.

In the smaller town that I just moved from (around 12,000 people) there is not even a single taxi cab to serve public transportation. I moved to Greene County with a population of about 250,000 and here there is a public bus system, but it doesn’t go where most people live, so that doesn’t do much good.

The auto is the only option if you want to go anywhere and you do because the food stores don’t deliver.

Moore’s suggestions are simply not well thought out. If gasoline were taxed another 2 dollars a gallon, minimum wage employees couldn’t afford to go to work any longer. Trucks that get food and merchandise into stores would have to charge exorbitant prices and prices would skyrocket. People like me who travel for a living (I cover all of Southern Missouri) would have to go out of business.

They also are not well thought out because he doesn’t seem to understand the business world. Who would turn GM plants into building windmills, solar panels and the like? The market is already saturated with these products or manufacturers would be producing more of them right now. That’s called a free market.