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Re: country smarts or city smarts

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  • Sat, Jun 19, 2010 - 07:16pm

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    Re: country smarts or city smarts

  iffin we got  all dressed up and gassed up  the fancy pickup up truck  we culd go on intu that thare big city an see howins they cut down all the trees and put up them big tall houses ,buildins,and cement fields ….. soins they don’t havter burn prairies an rake thar leaves.  Maybe thay can use sum of that tax money tu pay someone ta study the bestus way to haul  thar leaves off.

  Whilins we are thar we can watch the Fancy Pissin Contest( hear tell they got instruckshun on how ta worsh yer hands in them fancy out houses and  thays to good ta use water )  OH !   We can  whach them drive thar fast cars round and round at one of them nascar chasin  circles , an et at one of them fancy food places that brings in stuff from as fur away  as sum place called Mongolia .  Can’t stay late tho…   Heifers needn fed , Wheat is abut  redi  and chorin time will not be fun in the dark …. or maybe it will.

 Well weuns had one of them thar little  twisters come thru and gotter get the chainsaws fired up.  LOT less leaves for us to be a woryin ubout  this fall fur sure .  I  will call ya when we decide to light a match to um  ….yu can bring the weines and I’ll fix up a big batch of tater salad.

  Feelin  down rite Blessed thet no one wus hurt . Yu all  best go on in without usins this time .