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Re: corporations vs. the free market

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  • Sun, Feb 07, 2010 - 09:29pm

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    Re: corporations vs. the free market

[quote]it is how society works….where would schools, hospitals, roads, libraries, etc etc etc come from?[/quote]

yes but society always changes, so just because it works that way now doesn’t mean it has to.  in fact, we know it won’t in the future.  libraries are being shutdown because local/state governments are bankrupt…so much for the idea of governments being hostage to debt-money and using taxes to fund libraries. 

kids should be educated by communities, not government schools. their impact on humanity may not be healable.

hospitals…perhaps taxes are needed, but why wouldn’t freedom create them, or some other form of caring for each other?  I’ve never been a patient, but I hear bad stories from patients about how cold, traumatic their experiences were.  they felt like widgets in a factory, so I’m not sure hospitals, at least as funded today, are the best way of doing things.

roads in my view should be funded by direct democracy, i.e. the people vote the project in or out and then fund it. communities instead of empire builders would then decide whether they want an interstate carved through their land (too late for that though).