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Re: Controlling the global economy: Bilderberg, the …

  • Thu, Aug 06, 2009 - 03:04am

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    Re: Controlling the global economy: Bilderberg, the …

 Thanks Jon,

Yes, I read the book several years ago, and was appalled at what I learned.  And, of course, I am familiar with the teachings in the movie, and understand it pretty well.  I hate the system!  I think the Fed should be abolished.  In fact, those who read my other posts know that I basically wish all banks would be abolished.  I understand the good role they play, by helping us keep score with who owes what to whom.  But the rest of their activities, I find despicable.

If you read back through my original post here, you’ll find that I was hoping to get folks to think.  I took no sides, deliberately, hoping that my questions and comments would be of assistance to those who may not already know, to discover for themselves what we may be facing. That was it.  Maybe the way I handled it sounded too familiar, and I should drink the hemlock.  We’re all in a heap of trouble anyway.