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Re: Congressman issues formal charges against Federal …

  • Fri, Jun 12, 2009 - 02:08am

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    Re: Congressman issues formal charges against Federal …

No posts will be removed on the basis of global conspiracy speculation (and other "controversial" subject matter), though we may ask that they be moved

I honestly dislike taking any action which I know will upset one or more users.  However the decisions I must make as moderator are not arbitrary: they are based on policies which have been developed beforehand after careful discussion and thought.  Careful thought about the primary mission of this site, and how information is best organized and presented on the site to preserve the focus and informational effectiveness of the central message, especially to new users who may be unfamiliar with what this site is about.

The controversial topics folder is not a dungeon, nor a wastebasket. It is a place where veteran CM users can go to discuss topics which are outside of the main thrust of the site, and which, in our opinion, have a very great danger of deflecting the attention of a new visitor from the central message which we believe it is vital be conveyed.  It is, after all, only for that central message that this website exists.  The function of the main forums is to discuss energy, the economy, and the environment, preparing for a future of expensive energy and less abundent natural resources, and those topics most directly related to them.

Whether the bloodlines of a "demonic cabal" (link in post) have been controlling the world’s governments for hundreds of years is an interesting topic for consideration, and we encourage people to consider it.  In the controversial topics folder. 

As always, users should feel free to email me with questions and comments.