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Re: “Collateral Murder”, WikiLeaks posts US military …

  • Wed, Apr 07, 2010 - 06:20pm

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    Re: “Collateral Murder”, WikiLeaks posts US military …

Mike I was wondering the same thing, it would seem that they would have had a better view and may have clearly seen the RPG.  They were flying at low altitude and I think they must react very quickly and decisively – there are no mulligans in war.

Much has been made about the coarse language used but I think it is understandable that adrenalin would be racing under the circumstances.

Mike Pilat wrote:

The Iraq war is a mess not because all the soldiers are bad but because it was terribly misguided. I don’t think all the soldiers are like these guys but they all are placed in a compromising situation by our leaders.

Yup, agreed.  I thought we learned many years ago (Vietnam) that police actions don’t work, and that you never go in without a clear plan to get out. 

I probably shouldn’t say this but the Reuters (owned by Rothschild) reporters could have been set-up (just my cynical side) for all we know.  One thing for sure, this is not as cut and dry as it first appeared.