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Re: “Collateral Murder”, WikiLeaks posts US military …

  • Tue, Apr 06, 2010 - 04:17pm

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    Re: “Collateral Murder”, WikiLeaks posts US military …

I never served in combat. I walked into the draft board one evening in 1971 after my 2s expired and told them to fold it 5 ways and stick it where the sun don’t shine. 

The question if any of us has served in combat is a red herring of the defenders of empire.

The US is a military empire. The idea that we are any where in the world to help the little people is insulting to  a sentient human being. The notion that these soldiers are performing noble acts on our behalf is pure mythology. This country is run not from the White House or the halls of Congress but from the satanic halls ( 5 sided ) of the Pentagon. This country has been hijacked by the military industrial complex. Eisenhower warned us of this on his way out the door. No one listened then and no one listens now.

The argument that these are soldiers just doing there duty is no different than German soldiers just doing their duty at Auschwitz. The basic premise of the war is immoral. Therefore there is no act that can be considered moral in the prosecution of this war.

Each person in the military has made a decision to become a pawn of Empire whether knowingly or unknowingly. That is their decision. They have a choice. The world is nothing but a chess board for the elites. the king must be protected at any cost. This means there must be pawns to do the dirty work. The real criminals will never be brought to justice, just as the real criminals were never brought to justice for Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, My Lai etc.  Yes these soldiers very well may be “punished” just as Calley and Medina were but why were they there in the first place? WMD? Spread Democracy? Overthrow a Dictator? The next country to oppose the US very well may use the slogan ” To  make the World safe FROM Democracy.” I would recommend ‘The Sorrows of Empire ” by Chalmers Johnson to get an idea of what this country really is.

So in answer to the question have I ever been in combat, my answer is no. I have a brain, I have  conscience, I have  sense of what is right and wrong, I have read history, I have no intention of supporting any Empire or military regime, I would rather feed and clothe and educate people than kill them. This is a sick country and to think that anyone on this site would in even in the most subtle way find any sympathy or justification for what happened on those streets makes me sick. 

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