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  • Sun, Jun 13, 2010 - 01:40am

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    Re: Collapsenet Going Viral?


It feels like a lifetime ago that I found Albert A Bartlett’s lecture about the exponential function. The World, my World, skewed off the graph, and I lost the part of me that laughed easy for a while. I began to dig ever more deeply into the marrow of authors within the main subject, slowly patterning out from the tight circle of immediate information, and spiraled further still, outward to the politics’, then onward into countries influenced both directly and indirectly, creating link upon link; exposing everything from the ‘Free Trade’, to War, Faith and how history had been rewritten for my school teachers, so as to appear benign, out of focus and off the radar, other than copied by wrote from the blackboard.

 What became almost inconceivable for me was just exactly how wrong the World was within itself. I could find you a myriad of metaphor to express, but the best I can find is that my World had splintered off of its axis. Major governments are hiding the fact that the ground is coming up very fast to meet us by blowing gales of hot air and flapping their ever inflated egos, in their self proclaimed belief that they have the impermanent key to at least solve 10 of the 1000 major problems arriving too soon, with a truth of meaning behind what I see as political rhetoric, which is nice speak for bullsh*t.

I sense that a lot of the calm on this forum has leached into it from politically driven media spin. I sense that if the majority of authors here simply turned their television and radio off for just one whole week, spending their time instead, dutifully reading just the trusted website’s that are broadcast through the Daily Digest,  plus its back issues, they’d first try to suspend belief, go through an entirely unprecedented and depth-full psychotic episode, but emerge as rounded, (in)competent, all be it socially unacceptable, yet fully fledged members of a counter-culture that you described.

Simple things that I explain on this forum are beyond the scope of imagining to the man on the street. It appears that the blind spot is so big, I wonder quite how many can run to sustaining a regular heart beat, and breathing in unison. So self assured are they, it appears that I need to get a government approved qualification of what I’ve learned, so that I can be openly mocked for going to the expense of its education.

If I could, I’d go get back inside my old bubble and live there again in untold ignorant bliss. That bubble, where your job stresses you out, car journeys are a nightmare because of deadlines and targets you can’t meet stuck in traffic behind a wheel, rainy days are stay at home days and mole hills are mountains; alcohol and prescription drugs are compensate. I can’t go back though. I can also see why I spend my day finding people to teach either on the net or local to me.

This is a painful journey. I don’t wish it on a worst enemy. Oh, I don’t have any anymore, they all went when they became irrelevant I recall …

~ VF ~