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Re: Collapsenet Going Viral?

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  • Sat, Jun 12, 2010 - 08:49pm

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    Re: Collapsenet Going Viral?

Let me clarify.  In my original post I was not attempting to criticize anybody who had already posted on the thread.  If your post has not been moderated, then it is probably OK.  In fact I appreciate the job all of you have done to keep this thread civil.  My post was a warning to all users to please keep the thread within the boundaries that it appeared ready to cross.  My apologies: I should have been clearer.

This website is about strengthening our communities.  It says so in our forum rules.  The line is crossed when anybody advocates pre-emptive violence against anybody else.  I am only restating the same standards of non-violence and committment to strengthening our communities that this website has always had.

Perhaps through simple poor choice of language, some posts on this thread appeared to many readers to come close to the line.  So close that there was significant confusion even among veteran users, and a lot of email.

Most of the users on this thread know these standards well, and have done an admirable job of staying within the boundaries.  

And I am only asking and reminding other users – who may not have posted yet – to please continue to keep these standards clearly in mind while posting on this thread, as each of you have done up until now, so that this discussion does not run off the tracks.

Thank you all.