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  • Sat, Jun 12, 2010 - 10:20am

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    Re: Collapsenet Going Viral?


No problem.  I read it wrong.  I didn’t flag your post, so no issues here.  



[quote=LogansRun] I don’t have a lot of time so…..Thanks for the tip!Frown I know this was said in innocence, but really……….That’s almost like saying:  “I know Dr. Martenson has PM’s and probably not the best shot because he wears glasses so….”   Not really, but you get the idea…I would hope.  In the future, I wouldn’t suggest putting “aggressive” idea’s out on the forum. Cheers! [/quote]

This was not a tip nor was it said in innocence, it was an example used to illustrate deggleton’s suggested scenario in post # 55.  The same could easily be said for the Mennonites in Mexico which are surrounded by some of the most ruthless, heavily armed gangs in the world.  Whether CM is the place to voice such realities is up for debate.  Flag my post and let Jason decide.  Having said that, I read many of your posts LogansRun and respect you.  I can also see that some may view my cold analysis of the situation as beyond the pale.  This was not my intent.  Nacci.