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  • Sat, Jun 12, 2010 - 12:14am

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    Re: Collapsenet Going Viral?

I don’t have a lot of time so…..

Thanks for the tip!Frown

I know this was said in innocence, but really……….

That’s almost like saying:  “I know Dr. Martenson has PM’s and probably not the best shot because he wears glasses so….”   Not really, but you get the idea…I would hope.  In the future, I wouldn’t suggest putting “aggressive” idea’s out on the forum.



[quote=deggleton]I like to think a distinction will be seen between those who have a great stash, weapons and little productive capacity, and those who are obviously producers of what meets fundamental needs.  The latter will be good to have around and may be made subservient, What do you think? David [/quote]

David, I believe that this scenario will play itself out over and over again.  It is playing itself out right now and will no doubt reemerge in the future.  When we discuss how the majority of people in this world are clueless rarely do we further break this classification down.  There are people who are clueless and are both ruthless and heavily armed and there are also those who are clueless who are also largely self reliant but unable to defend themselves.  In the post oil collapse these two groups, if unable to adapt in time, seem destined to meet all over the world.  

If I were so inclined, my target on the Eastern U.S. would be the Amish,  They have everything that you would need to prosper in a post collapse world in place including some of the finest, most remote farm land available and they are largely pacifists. You would have to subjugate, not kill these people because they possess the generational knowledge necessary to continue production.  In addition these fertile Amish farm lands are located relatively close to several large urban area that will be unsustainable in a post oil collapse world such as DC., NYC, Philadelphia , Pittsburg, Cleveland and Columbus.  We have the makings right here of the scenario you just described. Nacci.