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Re: Collapse-A Documentary- Mike Ruppert

  • Wed, Feb 17, 2010 - 06:59am

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    Re: Collapse-A Documentary- Mike Ruppert

I’m posting this here because frankly I don’t know where else to park it…..  it has nothing to do with Ruppert, but it is topical vis a vis collapse…

In today’s DD, there was a link to an article about young Irish people leaving Ireland, some wanting to come to Australia…  which prompted me to get involved in the forum section, trying to warn them that there’s nowhere to escape (to cut to the chase).

Anyhow, having written this:

With all due respect Karl, you don’t appear to understand the system (which I prefer to call “the Matrix”) The problem here is very very complex. Jobs are no answer at all, because capitalism is as good as finished, a victim of fundamental flaws in the way the money system operates. I suggest you (and everyone else reading this) visit a non profit website BTW… There is simply nowhere near enough space here to disect your beliefs, but I will just say that we are heading for major changes. It isn’t jobs you’ll need to worry about in the future,,, it’ll be survival!

I then got this amazing reply:

@damnthematrix the US government is doing exactly the right thing – it is shifting the residual wealth and assets to the hands of major banks and corporations. people like you mistakenly believe that you have to save the US in its entirety. that is an erroneous and very dangerous assumption. only 1/3rd of the US population is productive and the time is ripe for getting rid of the “caboose” – all of the unproductive elements of society, the welfare system supporting them and all of the excess debt. the most expedient solution is to assimilate all the wealth and create another nation state on top of what exists now with only productive human capital and assets. myself included, thank you.

I made light of it, describing it as “sarcasm at its best…!”, but I think he was actually serious….