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Re: Collapse-A Documentary- Mike Ruppert

  • Wed, Feb 17, 2010 - 01:11am

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    Re: Collapse-A Documentary- Mike Ruppert


I love you bro and thanks again for turning me on to survivalblog.

I am in the unenviable position of having to inform you however that discussion of  9/11 is off limits on this site (on the main page, you have to go to the CT PAGE). It can no longer be discussed out in the open here. Apparently CM does want it marginalized to the dark corners. As far as I know CM has  no official position on 9/11.

I will refer you now to the site rules which were last updated as far as I know the day after the 8th anniversary of 9/11. There are other things not to be discussed as well but have been grandfathered in such as AGW, weapons,  etc.. Such is life my friend. You and I are sadly in a minority of conspiracy theory wackos. I do enjoy the company though.


We have given careful thought to the mission of this site and how information is best presented here to preserve the focus and effectiveness of our central message, especially to new users who may be unfamiliar with the main purpose of the site. 

The function of the main forums is to discuss energy, economy, and the environment, personal finances, preparing for a future of expensive energy and less abundant natural resources, and those topics most directly related to them.

Although we prefer free discussion, we believe that there are some topics that can give the first-time visitor a mistaken impression of this site and run counter to its primary mission.

The Controversial Topics forum area is a place where veteran PeakProsperity.com users can discuss topics which are outside of the main thrust of the site, and which, in our opinion, are controversial and/or might deflect a new visitor from understanding the central message of the website. 

We respect that there can be value in these topics, but have found that they can deflect new visitors who may not be ready to engage in this material.  We are not banning or limiting your ability to converse on these topics in any way; we are simply asking that these conversations happen at a location on the site where they will not be prominently displayed to every casual visitor.

Therefore, new threads covering the following topics may be created only in the Controversial Topics folder:

  • Global conspiracy theories
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  • Discussions on faith (not religion – see below)
  • Other topics which are potentially interesting but not necessarily related to the purpose of this site