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Re: Collapse-A Documentary- Mike Ruppert

  • Sat, Feb 27, 2010 - 03:43am

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    Re: Collapse-A Documentary- Mike Ruppert

And here’s what’s going on behind the scene:
I got this Private Message out of the blue today, it was very nice.
Here is the message, in its entirety, unprovoked (Save whatever inspired it from this horrid thread):

[QUOTE]Someone on this worthless thread wrote:

You’re a two faced freak of nature and a lying bastard … [/QUOTE]

Now, I generally have no interest in airing this kind of stuff, but this is the second time I’ve received emails like this from this particular individual, and the 3rd time on this subject. No matter how I may agree or disagree with someone, I personally find this intolerable, and a great example of what threads like this do to “communities”. I refuse to be insulted in private and return to a discussion as if the taunt had never occurred. This is not a productive bit of criticism, but a slanderous, aggressive and pointless attempt to cause a fight. 

This topic is counterproductive, alienates people, serves no purpose and is argued parallel to the strategic use of force for resources; which is a legitimate argument. 

So if by a good thread you mean:

1. An exercise in groupthink with backchannel bullying? Check.
2. A group of people who’re essentially patting themselves on the back for being “smarter” than everyone else for “getting” 9/11? Check.
3. Factually insufficient to support the reoccuring, off topic theme of 9/11 as an inside job? Check.
4. Xenophobic of outside thoughts and ideas? Check.
5. Entirely counterproductive? Check.
6. Indulgent in anti-authoritarian fantasies in which the contributor is amongst an intellectually elite minority who’s so knowledgeable on the subject of 9/11 that they don’t need facts to back up their claims? Check, roger, Check.

This thread is an embarrassment to this website.
I’m flagging it for removal, and hoping to God, or dog, whoever you prefer that it stays gone, just like the other “hypothetical” truther threads in which wild conjecture or speculative opinion is substantiable as “fact”. Believing truly is seeing… or maybe I’m just a secret agent of the thought police, or a thoroughally indoctrinated lapdog of the NWO – as both have been insinuated.

If you wouldn’t say something to a persons face, strongly advise you stifle your little digits before you insult someone who’s essentially on the same side as you.

Cheers, I guess.