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  • Fri, Feb 19, 2010 - 06:35pm

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    Re: Collapse-A Documentary- Mike Ruppert

Aaron, I respect you deeply. I have read your posts often. Indeed, I’ve sought them out for their insightfulness. I feel compelled, however, to inform you that “carpet bombing” by any other name smells as sweet. And modern warfare reeks to high-heaven.

A case in point: clusterbombs. Despite international law moving to ban this implement of war, which routinely kills and maims non-targets, the US and a few notable countries; China, Isreal, Pakistan resist their retirement. See here: .

One of the more recent uses of these weapons was during Isreal’s attack on Lebanon in 2006. From the above article: “During the last 72 hours of the 2006 conflict, Israel reportedly fired over 1,800 cluster rockets containing 1.2 million submunitions. For the two months after the official cessation of hostilities, casualties were still being recorded at the rate of three or four people killed or maimed per day.

We can disagree on what the word “carpet” means and “terror”. But to suggest that modern “surgical strike” weapons are really alot more advanced in terms of ethics or precision than grenadiers of the 1700s is missing the point I think. Nacci was referring to technological domination, and empire which wields unimaginable force. That current killers use new toys is hardly and improvement to the underlying point.

During the most recent Publicity Stunt in Afghanistan (aka Marja) one of those advanced missles surgically stuck 5 children. The response from our benevolent peace keepers- “The compound that was hit was not the one we were targeting,” said Capt. Joshua Biggers. ( ) Opps!

The fact of the matter is that blowing people and stuff up isn’t that complicated. It is randomly destructive and chaotic by its nature. Literally. Find something which creates more entropy (in terms of physics alone) than a thermogenic explosion. (No source. I could be wrong. But I bet it ranks.)

Why we are blowing them up also, as it turns out, isn’t that complicated. We want their stuff. We want it for free. And that’s ‘okay’, because for the most part they’re brown (empire depends heavily on racism). Ruppert wanted to include that in the movie, but the producers were right. People aren’t ready for it.