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Re: Califorina Bailout On The Way And Other Bad Stuff

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  • Mon, Dec 06, 2010 - 11:37pm

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    Re: Califorina Bailout On The Way And Other Bad Stuff

I’ve visited California quite a lot, and have friends and family who’ve lived in both northern and southern CA.  While there are quite a few things I like about the state (most of them related to the natural scenery and geography, particularly northern CA), from my time there and the experiences of my friends and family, I see moving there as a net negative. 

As darbikrash mentioned, there are a lot of aerospace jobs there, and some of my better opportunities for engineering work are located there.  So why am I putting CA on my ‘not a chance’ list?  1) Much higher taxation & cost of living, 2) overly intrusive state/local legislation and policies affecting personal choices and freedoms (and I’m not talking just about gun ownership), and 3) CA is headed for a fiscal disaster and when it does fully come about, it will most likely be associated with bigger increases in taxes and a HUGE drop in the standard of living for CA residents (especially those who have more dependency on state/local jobs and state services).  Numbers 2 & 3 concern me the most, and especially with #3 I am concerned how the population in general will react to a large drop in living standards and state services.  Now I’m not saying CA will be alone in this regard, but it is likely to be among the hardest hit given the extreme nature of the budget cuts that will eventually have to happen.  Even in more stable cultures this is guaranteed to result in a moderately-sized s***storm, and for better or worse much of CA’s cultural climate is far from stable.  For all the other things CA has going for it there are still very real long-term hazards there, and I’m all about risk mitigation. 

Hopefully CA will turn things around given time, but in the short to medium-term I just don’t see it given the current fiscal course.

– Nickbert