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  • Sun, Mar 01, 2009 - 01:28am

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Rather than a "store bought" large bag sealer, I use a regular iron with a Teflon bottom. 

I place the bag in the bucket and fill.  I then lay  a piece of 1/2" aluminum angle ( 90 degree angle ) about two feet long over the edge of the bucket and lay the top of the bag over the aluminum.  Place the iron (on the hottest setting) on top of the bag and make several slow passes back and forth, it will seal the bag shut.  For good measure, I then move the bag so that I can make another seal about an inch above the first.

Don’t use your wife’s iron.Smile

Hope this helps.



Ah – the light goes on. Now I understand what you are doing. Thanks for that explanation – especially the caution about using the wife’s iron!  Wink