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  • Tue, Mar 03, 2009 - 03:26pm

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    Re: Better Investment Than Gold

Well, life will go on, that’s for certain. I’m not particularly into conspiricy theories either, but Chris managed to put into graphs and succinct language what I have been thinking for a couple of years now–a light came on in my head. And I think that even though life will go on, it may not go on as we know it.

I remember thinking during the Y2K days when people were predicting that airplanes would fall out of the air: Why can’t the pilot just stick his head out the window and land the danged plane? That was just silly. But this is different. It is not a conspiricy theory, mathematics insure that an economic collapse MUST happen.

And we have been here before. We are all familiar with the soup lines of the great depression. This has the potential to be the great depression on steroids. Therefore, I don’t see it as alarmism to insure that my family is safe, warm and comfortable. Heck, we buy homeowners insurance even though the chance is very slim that it will burn down.

Will we all become Amish farmers as someone in here termed it? No, someone will always make washing machines and someone else will always have the money to buy that product. People will always need barbers, taylors, grocery stores and doctors and they will pay for these services.  But there will be an adjustment period to re-align our lifestyles and this is what is scaring people.

As for economic collapse, it IS imminent. It’s happening now. No, the sky will not fall tomorrow. It didn’t in 1929 either. It started in 1929 and the markets reached their low in 1932. That market did not fully recover until 1954.

As for me and mine, we will hope for the best but prepare for the worst. That seems prudent to me.