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  • Tue, Mar 03, 2009 - 12:20am

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    Re: Better Investment Than Gold


You don’t see the IRAs of retirees as I do every day as a financial planner that have lost upward of 60% of their retirement savings?

A heads in the sand mentallity will not do any of us good right now. This is not Y2K or some possible conspiricy theory; an economic collapse is happening right before our very eyes. Let’s not attempt to pretend it’s not happening, let’s deal with it.  


jerrydon10 – If I was a retiree who had lost 60% of my IRA I would demand that my financial planner tell them what he or she was doing to lose that 60%.  Insuring stock equity positions with Puts?  Obviously not or they would still have nearly 100% of their cash value still in the portfolio.