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  • Sat, Apr 04, 2009 - 03:29pm

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    Re: Best way to Rob a bank, own one


Those big banks deserve to fail, but don’t lump all banks together and condemn them all based upon media stories.  


Mr. Black was targeting the large banks in his analysis. Definately watch the show. Actually you may NOT want to watch the show. I thought I had heard all the bad news about this financial mess, and it’s worse than I thought. Mr. Black makes a good case for outright fraud by banks and investment houses and complicit actions by the government officials. Although an Obama supporter, he expresses serious dissapointment with the handling of the financial crisis by his team. It’s downright scary since he basically was saying the oligarchy is doing everything it can to hide the truth and when it finally spills it will be really messy – worse than I thought, and I’m pretty pessimistic about the whole thing. 

In particular he talked about the S&L crisis and how the government actually acted before that hit the fan and was able to let it fall apart reasonably gently. The current mess has been actively hidden and no real cleanup has really been started yet. 

Really, really good show if you can control your blood pressure.