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Re: Bernanke rescues economy, gets carping from Congress

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  • Wed, Aug 05, 2009 - 06:48pm

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    Re: Bernanke rescues economy, gets carping from Congress



I don’t think it really matters much what I think. This will take it’s course regardless of our opinions.

Hopefully anyone who comes across this thread will consider the toll this will take. It will be like setting of a nuclear bomb in every major city in the US. People we know and love, our families, friends, neighbors etc., will need more help than we can provide. I might be able to feed an additional 10 people for a while… but this will take a toll on our humanity. We will be put in a position of choosing to help or not, and potentially defending what we have from those that would take it, not necessarily bad people, but desperate ones.

For me, this is a difficult little mind game to play, I don’t want the responsibility for other people’s lives. I would rather bring them online now and let them prepare for themselves.

Ultimately I will defend myself. I do not relish the thought of what I will be teaching my boys in the process. I have great internal conflict with this. Hopefully I am not over-dramatizing the  scenario as it will play out, but I’ve spent many hours playing this out in my head. It has the potential to get really bad really quick, IMO.


Hi, Rog;

Having followed your subsequent posts, I think I owe you an apology . . . I must say that I empathize with every word of this post . . . .

Sadly, it wouldn’t be possible for us all to prepare . . . The food and other supplies are simply not there for everybody to put up many months of  emergency stash.  I can only agree that the house of cards took many years to build . . . the explosives are in place, and the fuse is lit . . . and there’s just so many rocks to hide behind . . . . Certainly, I hope that this isn’t the case . . . that instead of a sudden cataclysmic collapse, we get a more stairstep-like decline . . . But, perhaps that would only prolong the agony . . .