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Re: Bernanke rescues economy, gets carping from Congress

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  • Tue, Aug 04, 2009 - 08:59pm

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    Re: Bernanke rescues economy, gets carping from Congress


 This will happen anyway.  The idea that a small group of Wall St types can save our lives with phony money is the problem in the first place…why do 350,000,000 americans slavishly/passively wait on them to feed us?  The primary thing the Fed is doing in the meantime is restructuring the economy according to the ways TPTB want so they have more power as we move into the "pop," for example JPMChase seizing the entire PNW as the government approved it’s WAMU takeover for practically free which gives the NY financial interests behind JPMChase control in the last densely populated region of the US it had yet to takeover.  I’d rather have the pop before Wall St/DC has setup their strategic plans to control the pop.  I’d rather return to a republic…if governors did their jobs, letting things pop wouldn’t be chaos.  It would be extremely painful (there’s no escaping the eventual pain), but not uncontrolled. 

Once the next phase of the collapse sets in, it will be clear that what you’re suggesting the Fed has succeeded at doing is not true. They have only temporarily pumped another shot of heroin into the addict…and the addict is now fooled into thinking the heroin has again saved him. Withdrawal is coming.  


Strabes, I cannot dispute what you are saying. The reason 349,000 (at least some of us are awake) are waiting to be fed is because our citizenry is not aware of the acts being committed. We need to make them aware.

Who will give the states the appropriate support to minimize disruptions? An informed and active base of citizens. In my opinion, this is the part we are lacking.

I am not suggesting the Fed has done anything more than stick it’s 10 fingers in the 20 holes in the dike. It will come down, I completely agree. If it happens tomorrow, Americans will be reactionary. Emotion is a bad place to deal from in these times, wouldn’t you agree?