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Re: Bankster Dilemma: Fed Audit Looms

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  • Wed, May 12, 2010 - 05:25pm

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    Re: Bankster Dilemma: Fed Audit Looms


[quote=agitating prop]

If Obama doesn’t veto the bill, y’all better hunker down and get ready for a populist revolution, down there! It’s hard to comprehend just how deep and furious the sentiment would be, if the fed was exposed.  The anger and dissillusionment that’s been growing in the American collective spirit  would instantly morph into the kind of hatred and rage that has to find expression.  The tea partiers would trade their placards for pitchforks and take up building scaffolds.   How-to build-your-own guillotine videos on youtube would be followed with keen interest.  Why, Kanellos the protest dog might even be flown to Philadelphia and handed the keys to the city, by the local chamber of commerce. Smile

Everything would change. This would do it.  American’s sense of indignation isn’t appreciated, right now,  as there are very few avenues of protest available, quite literally.  Given sufficient rage, the masses could easily overwhelm the contained protest zones.  Fascist bylaws prohibiting protesters from stepping off sidewalks, would be ignored by human waves tossing molotov cocktails through the windows of the fed building.

Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?


I think there is a greater chance of revolution if Obama does veto the bill.  The government stands a better chance of avoiding it by telling the people the truth. 


my first reaction as well, but people won’t really understand the consequences whether or not this bill goes through.  Also, to the average sheeple on the street, I’m not sure this is gonna wake them from the apothetic slumber