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  • Fri, Feb 27, 2009 - 03:06am

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    Re: At last – I’m not alone!

You’ve known for quite some time that something isn’t right.  It doesn’t add up.  It makes a kind of sense that doesn’t.  You’ve been offered the red pill and swallowed it.  Now the truth and nothing more.

The Matrix is a world where parcels of physical reality are represented by a price in a market.  We are told that a price is a perfect representation because all costs are reflected in the price and all participants in the market are free to refuse this chunk of physical reality if the price is too dear.  The market resolves all conflicts.  It finds the highest and best use for all commodities.  The playing field is level and we’re all equal.  This is what you get if you take the blue pill.

If you take the red pill, you learn that the realm of physical reality and the realm of markets are only loosely coupled.  The system can be spoofed.  Some costs can be externalized and thus hidden.  The physical world is materially finite and the financial world is infinite.  To be sustainable the physical world must preserve its integrity by having all processes feed a subsequent process.  Waste for one is fodder for the next.  In the financial world matter must continually exit the system in order to ensure scarcity and demand.  The Matrix is meant to insure that world of physical reality and the world of markets will never collide.

Except that they can and in fact the collision is happening now.  What the monetary system demands of the physical world is in the long term impossible.  We’ve gotten about half way through the industrial era and the red pill takers have learned that from the half way point on, the Matrix is doomed to collapse.  Its Agents will continue to foist lies and persecute the red pill takers.  They will invent new debt instruments or expand the collective debt to new levels, but it will avail them nothing.  The level of complexity that sustains the Matrix ultimately depends on physical reality and will be so constrained.

The red pill takers are not yet free of the Matrix.  They live beside it, under it, near it, but they are not exactly part of it.  The construct no longer holds its fascination. The collapse of the Matrix is in motion.  It’s like the hour hand on a clock.  You watch it and it appears still.  Turn away and look again and something is different.  The red pill takers see the disparity between what they are told and what is.  The mission for the red pill takers is to maintain enough detachment from the Matrix so that when the collapse accelerates, they are not sucked into it.  Surviving the Matrix means a constant strategic retreat from its influence.

The Matrix may evolve into a new form in order to avert collapse.  For the red pill takers the new Matrix will be as obvious as the previous incarnation.  The new Matrix will continue to promise something for nothing.  Obey and you will be rewarded.  It will tell us that wealth without work is the preferred state.  It will say things like, "Trust me" and "Have a nice day" and "Everybody has some debt".  The red pill takers must be ever vigilant and ready to cast the money changers out of the temple.