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  • Fri, Feb 27, 2009 - 02:56am

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    Re: At last – I’m not alone!


Welcome aboard PlicketyCat.

Thank you for the words and actions of support.

I can well remember when I ("we" actually, as this involves my whole immediate family) first began to poke our heads out of one ‘reality’ into another.

One of the dominant themes of the "rescue" attempts launched by our immediate family and friends was that we were somehow the nutty ones. 

But one could also glance around and wonder at a nation with:

  • The largest number of its population in prison
  • Epidemic levels of obesity
  • Rampant use of psychotropic drugs in children to control their behavior
  • Extremely high levels of violence compared to its peer nations

Collectively these and other indicators might indicate to an outside observer that there was be a slight wrinkle in the fabric of greatness we’d all been led to believe was ours to wear proudly.

Said another way, evidence abounds within our most observable cultural attributes that some level of scrutiny was in order.

But once we get to the elements of the story that are completely ignored by our media and even most of or entire education system?   Ah.  That’s where the story gets really interesting and where the Crash Course picks up a few threads and holds them to the light.  

And it’s here where the story takes an interesting turn.  Who is offering dark visions for the future; the ones recognizing the necessity for change or those promoting a blind adherence to the status quo?   Well, if you are speeding towards a brick wall in a sports car I suppose it would not be the one arguing to turn the wheel.

Of course, now that these former detractors have felt the recent impacts to their portfolios and even livelihoods in some cases the territory is softer than it used to be.  But even now I often find that most don’t want to hear that even more change is on the way.

That’s perfectly understandable I suppose, but not how I choose to approach life.  I am thankful for all the people I have met who share this sense of not only the inevitability, but the necessity, of the change that is now upon us.



Several members of my family are still trying to give me financial advice that I consider extremly unsound. Maybe 100 years ago it would have made sense, but not now. I pointed out that my grandmothers estate declined in value by 2/3’s in the 14 months it was in probate. 2/3’s in 14 months… and my father gave me grief about cashing out the investments (at a loss) and using the cash to pay off my land instead. He just couldn’t wrap his head around why 1) I cashed out the investments instead of leaving them there, and 2) why I didn’t take that cash to pay down my current mortgage instead of using it to pay off my other property.  Even though his retirement portfolio and military pension have reduced to a point that he and my mother sold their home (before the crash – lucky them) and moved to a less expensive area to buy a new home in cash. I finally gave up trying to explain myself! 

My parents also think I’m insane on the food issues, too. They can’t understand why I’d be willing to pay 10% more for local, organic food directly from the farmers rather than just buying the supermarket food. They don’t get why I’ve gone whole foods as much as possible and read food labels obsessively to reduce the amount of additives and weird crap I’m eating.  Meanwhile, my improved nutritional status and improved health, and subsequent reduction of healthcare costs is just chalked up to being younger than they are!!  Of course, mom takes a handful of antidepressants everyday, and dad’s the type to believe what the government tells him. It makes me want to bang my head against the wall sometimes! But it’s easier just to give up trying to explain myself!

Friends and family would be aghast if they knew that we may actually knowingly RUIN our credit rating in order to protect ourselves from financial ruin!  GASP!!!  You simply cannot ruin your credit rating, it’s unthinkable! We have no credit card or automobile debt, all our college loans are paid off, we aren’t taking out a loan to build the new place… the only debt we have is this @%#$# house we currently live in that has gone $85k into the red in the last 8 months!