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Re: Any ideas on a haven?

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  • Tue, Feb 24, 2009 - 05:17pm

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    Re: Any ideas on a haven?


Ultimately, international trade and travel will likely revert to sailing vessels. Seems like an optimum haven would include access to a port. If you did want to move sailing would certainly be easier than pushing a cart!


Wouldn’t that be beautiful? 


Nice call Nime. 

When I was a senior at the Naval Academy I sailed a 98 foot ketch from Annapolis to Halifax, Nova Scotia using only celestial navigation and sun lines.  We had a crew of 15 and it was simply amazing.  We sailed a reach most of the way – only used our jenny and mizzen staysail a couple of times, but sailing along at night under a smog free sky – the stars and Milky Way were so bright we could read our charts.  I will never forget sailing up into a pod of whales (humpbacks or grays) – we were making about 8 knots and absolutely no noise except an occasional creak from the rigging and sails and our wake.  You could hear the whale song well before we saw them and once we caught up to them they just moved to either side and continued on their way.  Every now and then one would broach and vent right next to us – you could look right into their eyes – I don’t know what you think about cetecean intelligence, but trust me, whales are smarter than we are.  So much expression in thier eyes.  I will tell you that a venting whale smells awful – but it was still a magical experience.

Sorry for the thread redirect, but yeah, that would be beautiful indeed.