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Re: Any ideas on a haven?

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  • Mon, Feb 23, 2009 - 11:30am

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    Re: Any ideas on a haven?

Having visited the US again recently I have to say I feel a lot of potential for a fascist state there. Lots of armed uniformed men from various policing formation. Everyone uptight, very preocupied with their importance and importance of their mission (for example mission of looking into people’s shoes). Most wearing dark uniforms with all kinds of decorative distinctions. Overall, Americans seem to have a love affair with uniform that is worrying – even mall cops have highly decorated uniforms and seem as serious as riot police. All this generates an atmosphere of fear.

Coming back to Europe my passport was checked at the Amsterdam airport by a guy who was not even wearing a uniform and laughed along when I joked to my wife about something. That is really different. Europe has its share of problems, namely socialism, oil & gas dependce on Russia for much of EU, Islam – but uptight love for uniforms is not one of them.