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  • Mon, Feb 23, 2009 - 06:34am

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    Re: Any ideas on a haven?

[quote=Mike Pilat]

Dogs and Mark

Colorado does seem like it would be an excellent choice for the reasons stated. On top of resource availability, it has natural beauty and some great skiing as added bonuses.

My question is water. The western US is a lot dryer than the East, and if I remember correctly, all of those 30 year water shortage projection maps I’ve seen don’t seem to treat Colorado favorably. How reliable is snowmelt? Are there areas that contain strong water sources other than the Colorado River? And even then, how viable is it to live right near the river? From what I remember from being out there, I didn’t see too much activity nearby, other than the white water rafting company that I was with 🙂



Water is iffy in Colorado, and whether or not we receive a decent snowpack in the winter really makes a difference with water abundance.  I’m sure it also depends where you are… not all places on the Front Range are equal in regards to water, and of course the plains to the east and mountains to the west have widely varied rainfall and water access as well.  I lived in Colorado Springs for a few years and liked it for the most part, but some of the water resources there are already being stretched thin in part due to the housing boom in the eastern edge of the city.  I’m in Denver right now (I dislike it and can’t wait to leave), and the Denver area like most on the front range is subject to the same water shortages a dry winter season can bring. 

Overall though Colorado is a great place, and some of the towns in the mountains (not necessarily the major ski towns) are nice communities to live.  I’m saving money now and hoping to buy some property in a year or two, and some of the Colorado mountain valleys are in my top places for consideration.  Like I said water is iffy sometimes but that can be workable with wise water use… I know some of the Aussies here have had to make to with much less!  Alaska is also a prime choice because it’s my original home and my family is there, but there are a few drawbacks there including a short growing season and limited effectiveness of solar PV systems in wintertime.  But it does have the distinct advantage of abundant resources, no state sales or income tax, and one of the few states that isn’t horribly broke and jacking up taxes to obscene levels (at least not yet ;^)

– Nickbert