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  • Mon, Feb 23, 2009 - 01:13am

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    Re: Any ideas on a haven?

We are getting our passports, another 400 bucks. I truly pray it doesn’t come down to this, but seeing articles on the National Gaurd practicing urban control is BS.

Reading about serious gun control is BS.

Reading about martial law is BS.

The fact of the matter is we are in serious shape and we clearly have a leadership deficit, more BS. At the very least, I expect my elected officials to have the minimum ability to correctly diagnose the problem. As so clearly stated on the third hour of the FSN news hour this is a solvency crisis and our officials are diagnosing it as a credit crisis, they are trying to fix a symptom and not the problem. Chris also has as have a hand-full of great financial blogs have explained this in great terms.

The reality is that our leaders can’t even figure out what is wrong. All we are going to get is a bunch of in-fighting (Sentelli vs. Oboma’s press secretary) over who should get our tax dollars, none of which (the debating, giving money to banks, giving money to homeowners) will fix jack. It will just expedite the process by which everything crumbles.

Eventually the plane called the economy is going to run out of fuel. It will crash. I love America but I love my wife and kids and don’t want them going to a Katrina dome or wind up living in Nazi land. Therefore, I don’t think it is out of the question to look elsewhere. I’d take a Katrina on the beach as opposed to an 8pm curfew.

We have a critical mass of what 10k, 20k on this site. Lets say 1 million Americans know what the problem is. Is that going to enact change? Without folks understanding what is broken I see no hope of getting it fixed. My hunch is that eventually it will stop flying and be rebuilt. Even if they, by then, don’t know the reason it went down at least I am assured it will take at least 100 years to get this bad again.

Casey Research I think their guys bought places in Argentina. Hope it doesn’t come to this but so far our economists advising President Oboma can’t find their @$$ from a hole in the wall.

Thats my rant 🙂