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  • Mon, Feb 23, 2009 - 12:11am

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    Re: Any ideas on a haven?

Kunstler speaks as a resident of upstate New York. He thinks
globally on energy, but is very regionally prejudiced when it comes to
places to live. In his book, he rejects most areas of the country as
unsuitable, either culturally or for lack of key resources such as
water. Nothing against his upstate New York home, but it’s quite cold
and has a short growing season.

A larger perspective might
suggest that areas with a distinctive culture and a strong sense of
homogeneity will fare better than others, whatever their politics might
be. Liberal Portland OR residents will stick together, and so will
gun-toting Cajuns in South Louisiana. But Las Vegas, where nearly
everybody’s from somewhere else? That’s a risky bet.

views the U.S. through lenses such as Democrat/Republican or
pro-gun/anti-gun, which I find mostly irrelevant, except where they
specifically interfere with my plans. I live in New York State, but
could not reconcile myself with living in New York City, where gun laws
are mindlessly harsh to the disadvantage of law-abiding citizens.