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Re: And the Swine Flu won’t go away

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  • Fri, Nov 06, 2009 - 01:40am

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    Re: And the Swine Flu won’t go away


yes, but it is not unique.  Most people who die from flu die due to pulmonary infections, it is just a different manifestation of the disease.  Most kids who get pneumococcus have uri symptoms, but every now and then one gets pneumonia or epiglotitis and dies.  Diseases can have different manifestations depending on the organ system attacked.  So although these unfortunate people have the pneumonia complication of plague and can spread it to others, it is still the same bacteria. (luckily it is very inefficiently spread through coughing — ulike flu which is very easily spread that way.)


I think that you and I look at it that way, Doc, but I think the general populace hear the word, “plague”, and go “eeek!” . . .